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ANC denounces Canada as "racist." News Team

Once South Africa was the shining beacon of the Sub-continent. Now, it has been reduced to the world leader in rape and murder. The new ANC president, Jacob Zuma, is a violent thug who’s campaign song was “Bring Me My Machine Gun.” Among other things, he is famous for saying that showers after sex protect you from HIV.

Whites in South Africa live in fear of constant racially motivated violence and many have been mass fired from the workplace by the ANC to give their jobs to blacks.

Recently the Canadian government granted asylum to a white South African man. The man says he came to Canada in 2006 after being attacked seven times in South Africa.

The ANC led government of SA has officially denounced Canada as “racist” and cited completely fake statistics to claim that white people are safe.

Many websites are now predicting a mass exodus of whites from South Africa to Canada. Huge numbers are already on waiting lists to apply for citizenship in countries like Canada, USA, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Unfortunately white leftists and neo-con politicians in these white countries are the main roadblock. For example, Republic Senator Sam Brownback was a sponsor of the 2006 mass amnesty for illegal aliens. He also adopted a female Chinese baby and publicly advocates that Americans adopt female Chinese babies to reduce the number of abortions in China.

However, CofCC board member Col. Slimp, who has been to South African many times, asked Brownback if he would support asylum for white South Africans. Brownback immediately said no stating, “those people might bring racism to the United States.”