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Bedford/St. Martin textbook company declares war on White history.

It’s bad enough that High School text books now preach anti-white bigotry and are designed to instill white guilt. Now Bedford/St. Martins Publishing has decreed that white people should not even be pictured on the front cover of a textbook on Western Civilization.

This is the new 9th edition of a History of Western Society from textbook company Houghton Mifflin. It is touted as the “gold standard” textbook for AP European History. AP means it is for “advanced placement” classes in High School. They are intended to be college level and many major colleges grant incoming freshman credit hours for AP classes.

Instead of putting a Western man on the cover an obscure Mulatto is placed on the cover.

According to Bedford/St, Martin: “Compelling writing rich with details about daily life helps students identify with peoples of the past, while the authors’ sustained attention to cultural, economic, political, and diplomatic history ensures a balanced, integrated narrative.”

In other words, college level cultural Marxism is now available in high school! Retail price only $145.50!

The man on the cover is Juan de Pareja. He was the Mulatto son of a slave girl who worked for the famous Spanish painter Diego Velazquez. The only reason this man’s name was recorded in history or his likeness painted, was because he swept the floor in Diego Velázquez’s workshop.

Rather than choose from the multitudes of famous people from Western society, Bedford/St. Martin choose a 17th century Mulatto janitor to grace the cover of a 1,050 page textbook on European History!

Imagine the outrage if the same publishing company released “A History of Sub-Saharan Africa” and put a white man on the cover. The publisher would be denounced as racist and Al Sharpton would leads protests outside the New York publisher. Why are white people tolerating this slap in the face?