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Belleville attackers charged with felonies. Hazelwood attack still censored. 2nd Belleville attack uncovered.

Authorities charged the two violent thugs in the racially motivated Belleville bus attack with felonies. However, authorities are refusing to charge them as adults or add hate crimes charges. Ultimately, the charges will result in a slap on the wrist in juvenile court, their records will be later sealed, and they will emerge from Juvenile detention as heroes to some segments of the Negro community.

Many students have mocked the claim by Belleville officials that the buses are safe.

From St. Louis Post-Dispatch…

But later, other students said that the bus, Number 117, was frequently so full that many students struggled to find seats, and was so rowdy that some said they feared for their own safety.

“I hate riding the bus,” said senior Kristin Phillips, 18, who said she, too, has been attacked on a Belleville West high school bus. “Hate it. You see that video? It’s always like that.”

A Belleville police report said students followed Phillips off a bus in March and attacked her.

The incident is over — a one-time thing, Phillips said — but she still won’t ride the bus anymore.

Some other students said the same: Sometimes things like this just happen.

Note that Kristen was attacked last March. If the attackers had been white, the left-wing St. Louis Post would have published this detail. The St. Louis Post earlier disabled all online comments about the current Belleville attack and accused their own readers of “racism.”

The racially motivated attack of a white student two days later on a nearby Hazelwood school bus is still being covered up. The school will not release the video and the media is not talking about it. The Hazelwood bus attack occurred two days after the Belleville attack, just as authorities were screaming about how the first attack was an aberration.

One mother posted this message on the St. Louis KMOV website…

Dr. Klouse,

I just wanted to write to you and voice my opinion about the attack on the bus this week being covered on the news. I think there needs to be a message sent out to the community. If there is truly “zero tolerance”, then why are bullies given chances over and over again with just a slap on the wrist. These boys should be expelled from school. They do not deserve the right of a public education if they are going to bully and hurt others that come there to learn. Also, the video should be made public. We have a right to know what goes on on the busses our children ride on. Make an example of these kids, let their parents see how they act. Let us see the video.

My daughter is bullied and, yes, it is racially motivated. She is afraid to ride the bus and go to school some days. Please, do something. We are seriously considering moving to another school district.