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Black students beat white student in SECOND St. Louis area racially motivated bus attack.

Just days ago a black wolfpack savagely beat a small skinny white student on a High School bus in Belleville. The incident drew national attention because of the brutal surveillance camera footage.

The St. Louis liberal press has been on damage control assuring the public that it was an isolated event. They have also lionized a black student that they claim “broke up the fight.” There is no evidence that he, or anyone else, attempted to stop the attack in the video footage.

A Captain in the Belleville police department initially admitted to the press that it was racially motivated. The Belleville police department, headed by a black chief, immediately recanted the Captain’s statement saying it was just “bullying.” The local St. Louis NAACP chief downplayed the attack and blamed white racism for the outrage over the beating.

Today word came out that two days later on a Hazelwood West Middle School bus, in the St. Louis metro area, another small skinny white student was set upon by black thugs. The white student was badly beaten. The entire attack was captured on tape and Hazelwood school authorities are refusing to release it!

Two brutal racially motivated school bus attacks in a three day period in the St. Louis area. This is not an isolated event. This is a nationwide epidemic of brutal black on white violence. All mention of race in the Hazelwood attack is being censored by the St. Louis media.

KMOV Channel 4 edited out where they said the predators race but the description fits perfectly.