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Confederate Flag in Brooklyn.

From The Brooklyn Paper

But the man behind the controversial flag told The Brooklyn Paper that his civil war isn’t against the Union Army — it’s against the liberals on Union Street.

“I do it is because I’m against political correctness,” the Bay Ridge Reb, who would only give the name Mike, told The Brooklyn Paper. “People who are politically correct don’t agree with that flag — it’s my one-man protest.

“The left likes to say they celebrate diversity,” he added. “I guess that’s what I’m doing.”

Mike insists that when he hung the Confederate flag more than a year ago, he wasn’t trying to promote racist views, but merely to show support for Southern heritage and values in a hotbed of Yankee liberalism (Bay Ridge?).

“Anything having to do with the South or white people is smeared by sophisticated snotnoses in the north,” said Mike, who repeatedly stated that he is not racist and has friends of multiple races who are not offended by the banner. “They make Southerners into bumpkins — and that’s not the case.

“Any other flag for any other nationality or country isn’t a big deal, but this flag creates controversy,” he stated, referring to his version of the Confederate banner, the third such flag he has hung (the past two succumbed to “dry rot”).

His version of the Confederate flag, long a logo for hate groups, includes the statement “Rebel Pride” and a small cartoon image depicting “Colonel Reb,” a former University of Mississippi mascot who was officially retired in 2003 amidst much controversy.

“I see other flags flying, so if they fly their flags, I’m going to fly my flag,” said Mike, who has also mounted two much smaller American flags on his terrace.

The Brooklyn Paper.