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DC Area CofCC Defies Marxist Gang Members.

Left-wing thugs get nasty, but CofCC stands tall.

A planned speaking engagement by Canadian Free Speech activist Paul Fromm at a CofCC member’s house went on as planned despite a harassment campaign by a local left-wing gang.

Peter Papaheraklis holds meetings at his house. A Marxist gang tried to intimidate Papaheraklis by distributing a smear flier to his neighbors in the middle of the night. The flyer contains no contact information. The meeting went on as planned with over two dozen in attendance. A small group of extreme leftists stood in the street with crude protest signs.

A news crew from WUSA 9 came out. While the local CofCC leaders use their real names and are listed in the phone book, none of the Marxists would use their real name. When asked what group they were with, the Marxists simply gave the name of a left-wing website that routinely posts libelous statements about CofCC members and other conservatives.

The local boobs at WUSA 9 butchered our name, probably on purpose, calling us the “Council of Concerned Citizens.” Fortunately, if you type that into Google, this website still comes up at the very top. So joke is on them.

Watch WUSA 9 Video.

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