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Favorable press in Mississippi paper.

This article appeared on the bottom half of the front page of the Tishomingo County News.

While the major dailies usually just print smears and quote Mark Potok, we occasionally get good press from newspapers covering towns, small cities, and college campuses.

Protest Against Free Trade, Illegal Immigration Planned

Those who are against free trade and illegal immigration will have their chance to protest on Saturday evening, September 26th at the Tishomingo County Courthouse.

Like the Tea Party movement, the Council for Conservative Citizens is also aiming to give people a voice through rallies and petitions. They will have a petition at the September 26th rally supporting border security and fair trade and opposing outsourcing of American Jobs.

The Council believes the elimination of tariffs in imported goods had the effect of eliminating millions of middle class manufacturing jobs, explained Brian Pace of Booneville, who is the Upper East Mississippi Field Organizer for the St. Louis-based Council.

“Corporations choose to operate in other countries to save on labor expenses” he said. “That leaves us with an underemployed and unemployed middle class.”

They will also have a petition protesting illegal immigration and supporting increased border security.

They are inviting anyone who is willing to sign to do so. They plan to present the petitions to elected officials, especially Congressman Travis Childers, who said he was for fair trade, as opposed to free trade, in his campaign.

“Fair trade balances the playing field,” said Pace. “We need a trade surplus, not to be importing everything.”

“He may be one of our best chances,” said Pace of Childers. “We need someone to push for good economic policies. Other representatives are so pro-big business, we won’t see any support for reform from them.”

The Council is a “big tent” organization supporting states’ rights issues and conservative causes. It started in the South, but has gone nationwide, “like NASCAR,” joked Pace. More information can be found at

The event will be from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m at the Tishomingo County Courthouse. Everyone is invited to come out and take a stand. To learn more, please call Brian Pace at 662-416-9997.