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Germany moves to the right in new Federal election.

Germany Socialist party dropped from ruling coalition following new elections.

The German Socialist party lost a huge chunk of its seats and will be ejected from the ruling coalition. The Germany Christian Democrats (CDU) will form a new coalition with the Free Democratic Party (FDP). The FDP bills itself as a libertarian leaning pro-business party.

The Christian Democrats won 33.5% of the vote. While the Socialists won 23.1%. This was down from 34.2% in the last election. The FDP saw it’s support leap from 4.9 percent in 2005 to 14.7 percent.

The extreme left-wing Links party, which is a member of the Communist parties grouping in the EU, got 13%. A four point boost from last election. The neo-Communist Green party got 10%, up two points from last time.

So while the Socialists lost 11 points, six of those went to even more extreme far-left parties. The overall combined Socialist/Communist vote in Germany fell from about 6 points. This was enough to keep all three Socialist & Communist parties out of the coalition government.

Running for the first time in German Federal elections, the far-right NPD got 2% of the vote. The NPD holds seats in the state parliaments of Mecklenburg and Saxony. Last month they narrowly missed getting seats in the state parliament of Thuringia.

Another far-right party, the German Folk Union(DVU), holds seats in the state parliament of Brandenburg.