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Hate Crime Hoax – Much publicized "anti-Hispanic hate crime" committed by a Hispanic.

The SPLC and left-wing media have been wailing about Hispanics living in a “climate of fear” after a “racist” note was left at a church with a Hispanic congregation in Suffolk County, NY. State Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. led a prayer vigil outside the church to unite the community against “racism.”

Police have arrested a suspect, who also attacked a church member, and he is Hispanic himself. He was in a feud with the church.

Suffolk County police spokesman Tim Motz defended the department’s handling of the “hate crime,” claiming they never said it was a racial hate crime. Motz now calls it a “religious hate crime.”

The note, which police believe Hispanic immigrant Christian Mungia Garcia wrote, states “Hispanics don’t rule this area, white people do.”

This is about the one millionth time that the “mainstream” media has made a big deal out of a “racist” note or graffiti, calling it a “hate crime,” only to find out the whole thing was a hoax. Meanwhile, actual white people are being murdered in racially motivated attacks all across the country and the media does everything it can to censor and hide these stories. Can you see the double standard?