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Hispanic on Hispanic "Hate Crimes" on the rise in LA and NYC

So called “anti-immigrant hate crimes” in New York City turned out to be Dominican immigrants attacking Mexican immigrants.

As the Latino populations of America’s urban centers continues to grow, so do hostilities between Mexican and non-Mexican Latinos.

In Mexico, there are dozens of racial slurs for other non-Mexican Latinos. When Guatemalans and others are caught illegally crossing Mexico’s border, they are routinely robbed, beaten, and raped by Mexican border patrol and police. The Mexican government then buses them from jail in Southern Mexico to the US border. There they are dropped off and expected to cross into the United States.

For years Mexican and non-Mexican Latinos have formed rival gangs in the prisons and streets of California. This trend appears to be growing and spreading across the country. There were a rash of attacks on Mexicans in the Bronx Borough of New York City earlier this month. Originally the media was reporting these as “anti-immigrant hate crimes.” The media knew all along that police were looking for Latino suspects, and deliberately distorted the facts.