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Israel government funded agency launches campaign against "mixed marriages." News Team

Masa Israel is a flagship project of the government funded Jewish Agency. Masa brings Jewish young adults aged 18-30 to Israel for long term projects.

Masa has also started a campaign to fight mixed marriages among Jews in Israel and the diaspora. In this commercial produced by Masa, lost person fliers are shown in English, Russian, and Spanish. A hotline number is shown to receive advice on preventing mixed marriages.

Israeli Jews have a low birthrate, while Arab birthrates in Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Strip are much higher. 10% of Israeli marriages are now described as “mixed.” In the rest of the world 50% of Jews marry non-Jews. Only Orthodox Jewish communities are growing in population.

University of Haifa’s professor Arnon Sofer predicts that under current demographic trends, Israel will be majority non-Jewish by 2020 and will be an underdeveloped third world country.

[youtube ZPYGdgIxIe4]