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McClatchy Papers Plug the CofCC

The screams of “racism” by the left-wing have reached an all time high. With former president Carter and comedian Bill Cosby joining in and denouncing criticism of Obama as “racism.”

McClatchy, America’s third largest newspaper conglomerate is syndicating an absolutely obnoxious article attacking Obama criticism as “racism.” The article relies heavily on Mark Potok of the thoroughly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center. McClatchy really demonstrates why they are losing millions and have a rapidly collapsing stock price! McClatchy stock went from $70 in 2004 all the way down to $2 today, because no one wants to read their radical left-wing crap.

The article actually accuses Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Republicans, and Tea Party goers of being the ones trying to use Obama’s race as a political weapon! Talk about Chutzpah! The left-wing media and even Obama himself have been howling that any criticism is “racism” since the early days of his presidential primary run.

The good news is that McClatchy identified the Council of Conservative Citizens as leading “white supremacists” at the top of the article, so the few remaining people who read these papers will be incensed by the left-wing propaganda, see our name, and look us up on the Internet! Every time a major paper smears us, we get new members. With the article expected to appear in several major dailies tomorrow, the staff at is bracing for on onslaught of like-minded conservatives to swarm this website!