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Media hides another brutal racially motivated attack. Sister of victim speaks out. News Team

America is plagued by brutal black-on-white racially motivated violence. Numerous members of law enforcement have told the Cof staff  that black-on-white violence has increased since the election of Obama. The so-called “mainstream” media is universally hiding the carnage by self-censoring the stories, the race of the perpetrators, and pictures of the perpetrators.

17 year old Justin  was brutally attacked and nearly died after a wolfpack of 20+ black thugs brutally beat him. The boy was targeted at random because he is white. One of the attackers videotaped the attack; a growing practice among black thugs who attack white people for fun. Justin would most likely have died had a security guard not rushed to the scene and tazered some of the attackers.

The Cleveland, Ohio “mainstream” media is censoring the race of the perpetrators.

[youtube 4VHOjUp7zQg]

Some online readers of the Cleveland Plain Dealer asked why information on the attackers was being concealed by the paper. Justin’s sister posted this message.

I am Justin’s sister and yes, every single one of the attackers was black. I am not a prejudice or racist person by any means, but I find it ridiculous that this is not being considered a hate crime. Why is it that racism is one sided? Only white people can be racist…that’s ridiculous. That’s not what was meant to come from the Civil Rights movement. Everyone was supposed to be equal, but apparently that doesn’t apply and that saddens me. Maybe I am still upset about what happened to my little brother. I cried as I was reading this story because I can’t believe that someone would do this to him. I’ve been there his whole life and watched him grow up and sometimes, I still see him as that little red-headed kid…I realize that he is growing up quickly, but 17 is still too young to be dealing with this kind of stuff. His biggest worries, as a senior in high school should be passing tests or making it to school on time, or getting homework done. He shouldn’t be stressed out about how he now has to eat through a straw for the next 6 weeks.

Everyone has their opinions on this story, and you are entitled to them. But think of this from my family’s perspective….if this were your son, brother, cousin, nephew….You’d be pretty pissed too. I cannot wait until they find the garbage that did this to him…I know they will probably only get a slap on the wrist (and probably for the 5th time, because I’m confident that this isn’t the first offense for some of those little monsters) but I find peace in knowing that one day each and every one of those brats will end up in prison, because you know they will re-offend. And I feel comforted knowing that some of them will probably end up on death row…they will get theirs eventually, it’s only a matter of time…

I know I am only ranting and raving at this point, but I just feel so angry and sad…I’ve cried for him everyday since this has happened. I do want to say thank you to those of you who have offered well wishes and support. Also, I am so grateful to that officer for saving my little brother’s life…it means so much to me and to my family…