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More ACORN videos!

Watch ACORN employees in Brooklyn and San Bernardino offer advice on committing child prostitution, defrauding the government, laundering money, killing your significant other, and more!

[youtube 7s8w9GEpSzw]  [youtube mrpRGZq7Z-U]


Congratulations to James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, who brought down this criminal tax-payer funded enterprise. For more info, click here.

Obama pumped $800,000 campaign dollars into ACORN and then initially concealed who the money was going to. Obama filed an amended report when watchdogs discovered the money was going to ACORN. (source)

During the campaign Obama bragged about working for ACORN after graduating college, calling himself a “community organizer.” Extreme left-winger US Rep. Steve Cohen compared Obama’s work with ACORN to being like Jesus Christ. Cohen, who is Jewish and doesn’t even believe in Jesus, also tried to join the Congressional black caucus around the same time. He was denied membership in the caucus.

Watch Obama say that ACORN will help shape his agenda in 2007.

[youtube 8vJcVgJhNaU]