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NAACP continues to defend Belleville thugs.

The NAACP wants expulsions for the two thugs in the racially motivated bus attack to be revoked. Read Article.

News of this action by the NAACP set off a firestorm of protest on the Belleville News-Democrat’s website. About 300 comments have been posted so far, mostly by people outraged over the NAACP’s actions.

Let’s take a look at what else the National Association for the Advancement of Criminal People is up too.

In California, the NAACP is demanding an end to the use of tasers to subdue violent thugs. Of course if tasers were actually done away with, and more violent suspects were shot with real guns,  the NAACP would then be agitating race riots over the shooting. Read Article.

Here is a good one. Two female members of the Rocky Mountain NAACP claim the chapter’s president violently assaulted them during a meeting. Read Article.

In Chicago the NAACP is holding an anti-police rally after a violent suspect was shot in self-defense by police. Read Article.

Pennsylvania NAACP opposing High School graduation exam. Making students prove they actually learned anything is apparently “racist.” Read Article.