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New York Times: Black NYC murder rate about 13 times White NYC murder rate.

The murder rate among white New Yorkers is about 76% that of Asians, 19% that of Hispanics, and a staggering 8% that of blacks. Don’t believe us? Just ask the New York Times.

The New York Times publishes an interactive online map of New York city with impressive statics on all the murders between 2003-2009.

New York City averaged 540 murders per year during that time.  Using all the murders in which the race of the perpetrator is know, the black murder rate is almost 13 times the white murder rate in New York City. Now some might say that white people are better at getting away with murder. Well, most murders are intra-racial. The percentages of murder victims by race matches the percentage of known perpetrators almost exactly. If you calculate murder rate by race using the races of the victims, and round the intra-racial murder rate up to 100%, you get nearly the exact same results.

Using both methods we find that the murder rate for blacks in NYC is about 13 times the white murder rate in NYC.

Murder Rate per 100k: (source New York Times), Population figures are 2006 estimate.

White: 1.3 (7% of perpetrators, 35% of population)
Asian: 1.7 (3% of perpetrators, 12% of population)
Hispanic: 7.0 (29% of perpetrators, 27% of population)
Black: 16.6 (61% of perpetrators, 24% of population)

There is another interesting factor. Immigrants from Egypt, the Middle East, Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia (the “Stans”) are all classified as “white” by the United States government. New York City has a lot of these people.

That means that the 35% of New Yorkers classified as “non-Hispanic whites” are not all of European ancestry. Many are Arabs, North African Mulattoes, Persians, and Eurasian peoples. Some of these people undoubtedly have higher murder rates than just New Yorkers of European background. Likewise it is also probable that Pakistanis and Southeastern Asians (especially “hill people” like the Hmong) have a higher murder rate than Chinese and bring up the Asian rate.

Go to New York Times interactive map and data!