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Obama makes Authoritarianism advocate new "Regulatory Czar"

“The executive should usually be permitted to interpret [law] as it reasonably sees fit.” – Cass Sunstein
“The allocation of law-interpreting power to the executive fits admirably well with the twentieth-century shift from common law courts to regulatory administration.” – Cass Sunstein
“Cass is not only a valued advisor, he is a dear friend.” – Barack Obama

Obama now has 32 “Czars.” The Russian word “Czar” is derived from the Latin word Caesar and means Emperor.

Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones was a black power militant and self-proclaimed “Marxist.” After a series of exposes on the Glen Beck show, Van Jones quietly resigned.

However Van Jones isn’t the only extremist to be given a Czarship by Obama. “Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein is an outspoken advocate of American Authoritarianism. Sunstein is a Professor of Law at Harvard, and previously the University of Chicago, where he published books railing against the Constitution and called FDR’s “New Deal,” the “Unfinished Revolution.”

Sunstein claims that the constitutional balance of power is flawed. He advocates weakening the courts and strengthening the president. In fact he says that the president of the United States should interpret the law, not the Federal courts! This wacko actually claims that America’s Federal courts are too “right-wing!”

In a 2004 book written by Sunstein, he states his proposed “new bill of rights.” Sunstein’s bill of rights is straight out of the Communist Manifesto. In it, all Americans would be guaranteed the right to a high standard of living.

Sunstein is also part of the militant “Animal Liberation” movement. In 2004 he called for allowing humans to file lawsuits on behalf of animals. In 2007 he called for the outlawing of all hunting in the United States.

Sunstein is also opposed to free speech on the Internet. In a 2001 book, he claimed that the Internet is “weakening democracy! ”

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