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Paul Fromm to speak in Silver Spring, MD News Team

Dr. Sam Francis Forum CofCC National Capital Area Chapter Meeting 9/21/09

Program Title: The Teddy Kennedy Legacy–The Displacement of the European Founding/Settler People of North America and Replacement With Largely Unassimilable Third World Masses

Background: Teddy Kennedy and a few liberal cohorts are largely responsible for the 1965 changes in U.S. immigration law that precipitated an overwhelming and uncontrolled flow of third worlders into the USA that is transforming the very nature of America and could lead to its eventual dissolution, unrecognizable future character, or breakup into ethnic/racial enclaves/nations. The ongoing Leftist call for “Immigration Reform” and amnesty for resident illegals hangs over the nation like The Sword of Damocles.

7:00 PM, SHARP, Monday, September 21, 2009. Meet at a private home. Email me, ,for RSVP and directions. Because of space considerations attendance will be limited to the first 32 persons who make reservations.  Snacks and beverages will be served. Attendees are requested to either bring enough food to serve several people or pay $5 per person at the door. Our events are informal throughout, so you can easily interact with attendees.

Our speaker will be Mr. Paul Fromm, Canada’s long-time leading  immigration reform activist and free speech advocate, who for 6 years has been a Director of the CofCC. Mr. Fromm frequently goes on extensive speaking tours of the USA and Canada keeping patriots informed on important issues.  He actively promotes the highly engaging CofCC distributed video exposing the subversive Frankfurt School which inoculated the body politic with the cult of political correctness. You receive this video as a gift upon joining CofCC.

At our last event on 8/18/2009, our speaker Eustace Mullins, famous author and historian, reminisced over a lifetime of ground breaking activity and exposure involving “The World Order” hidden tyranny and its many facets such as the Federal Reserve system, the persecution of leading public figures, and its murderous activities in maintaining the status quo. Expect Mr. Mullins to return as a speaker for us soon. Please see this site for the many new links to kindred organizations, businesses, publications, etc. and for information on the annual radio talk show drive for immigration reform occurring in DC this month(”Hold their Feet to the Fire”).

Sidney Secular, Director
National Capital Area Chapter
Council of Conservative Citizens