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SAT racial gap widens, despite new "culture free" questions. Left-wing wants standardized tests scrapped.

A massive new effort was made to write SAT test questions that are “culture free.” A moronic concept by the left-wing, which claims test questions favor whites.

Despite the new effort, black test scores actually went down. The ACT gap has widened over the past ten years. In the past ten years, average scores for whites and Asians have moved up, while scores for blacks and most Latinos have gone down.

See Chart.

Example of cultural bias in a question. A statue of a famous pioneer is fifteen feet tall. The statue’s head is two feet tall. If Bart Simpson steals the statue’s head, how tall is the statue afterward?

This question is loaded with racist cultural bias that hurts the performance of blacks! a) White children get to go to museums and see statues, but disadvantaged blacks do not. Therefore, some blacks would not know what a statue is. b) White people are more likely to go camping with the boy scouts or YMCA, where they learn what a pioneer is. Disadvantaged blacks might not know what a pioneer is. c) White people are more likely to watch the Simpsons and know who Bart Simpson is. Blacks could be disadvantaged because they watched a black sitcom instead of the Simpsons.

New “culture free” version: Al Sharpton walks into a chicken joint and orders a bucket of fifteen pieces. Latifah, the clerk, forgets to put two drumsticks into the bucket. How many pieces of chicken does Al Sharpton have?

I based the above question and re-write on actual examples that leftists have given of “culturally unfair” questions! Believe it or not, left-wing boobs are actually shocked when “Culture free” re-writes do not work! Countless millions of dollars have been spent re-writing test questions on standardized tests all over America.

The radical left-wing has a new solution. Declare the results invalid if whites outperform blacks and drop the tests all together. Click Here. Another solution, which has already been adopted by the once prestigious MENSA, is to actually give a completely separate test to blacks. In MENSA “culture fair” IQ tests, questions on verbal skills have been removed. Since verbal skills questions are some of the hardest on an IQ test, the “culture fair” version for blacks and Latinos is simply an easier test.