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Skin whitening creams are all the rage in the Asian world. News Team

If white people are so bad, why does everyone want to be more like them? Asians are not afraid to say that white skin is beautiful.

Nivea, Garnier, Pond’s, L’Oreal and other major brands see 100% increase in skin whitening creams in India as disposable incomes have risen. The domestically produced Fair & Lovely (Fair & Handsome for Men) skin whitening cream is now one of the best selling beauty products in India and is also exported to 30 other nations. What is interesting is that most of these products are made by major brands popular in the United States. These same commercials would be denounced as “racist” here in the US.

Pond’s White Beauty (India)

[youtube lJhSogkI284]

Garnier Light (South Korea)

[youtube xGD6azkAJQs]

Nivea Whitening Milk (Vietnam)

[youtube 9Ufm3zGxYy8]