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Welfare queens plunder the system.

Stephanie Danielle Corbett, 23, was arrested Thursday afternoon and charged with public aid fraud and larceny. She swindled $60,000 over the past five years.

Stephanie was arrested in a crack down on Section 8 rental fraud in Rivera Beach, Florida. The Palm Beach County sheriff’s department has arrested 20 people for Section 8 fraud over the past year. Together they are accused of swindling over $1 million in taxpayer dollars. Read Article.

This abuse is widespread across the United States and does not end with Section 8 fraud. Welfare and food stamp abusers routinely get away with tens of thousands before getting caught.

Once caught, those who defraud social services almost never see a day in prison. They are convicted of a felony, but given probation due to prison overcrowding. While they are technically ordered to pay the money back, very little ever is.