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Tucson Unified School District adopts affirmative action discipline!

This is no joke! Tucson’s public school district (TUSD) spent the summer on an affirmative action hiring spree.

While teachers all over the state were getting pink slips. TUSD recruited minority teachers from out of state at top pay!

  1. Last spring TUSD fired veteran white teachers.
  2. This summer TUSD recruited non-white teachers from out of state at top pay!
  3. TUSD hired the hysterical Marxist Tim Wise (the guy who says Israel’s Deputy PM is a global leader of white racism) to advise the district.
  4. While funding for school libraries and the arts were cut back, more money was added to expand “Mexican American Racial Studies!”
  5. Most extreme of all, affirmative action discipline.

No matter how horrible black and Latino students misbehave, schools will not be allowed to suspend them in rates disproportionate to the amount of whites suspended at the same school. GET READY FOR ALL HELL TO BREAK OUT! Either whites will have to be suspended for any minor infraction to increase their rate, or blacks and Latinos will have to commit major acts of violence just to get suspended.

Either way, this is going to be a rough year for Tucson public schools. Not to mention the unfortunate white students and teachers who are being victimized by wanton discrimination!

Read Article in Arizona Republic.

The following is TUSD’s 52 page outline to uplift racial minorities by stepping on the whitey’s neck. I wouldn’t suggest reading this unless you have a barf bag handy. Click Here.

Let me repeat something. TUSD fired over two hundred teachers last April. Then they conducted minority only hiring over the summer at top pay. Arizona has large numbers of unemployed teachers, but in their quest to hire only minorities, TUSD recruited from out of state!

In the photo at right a 9th grader pleads for the job of her music teacher at a school board meeting in April 2009. TUSD slashed music and library programs, and fired whites. Only to add money to the “Mexican American Racial Studies” program and recruit only non-white teachers from out of state.

Read Article about cuts and layoff from April, 2009. Click Here.

TUSD is entering a new extreme in anti-white discrimination.