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TUSD stands by affirmative action discipline policy.

Remember the plans by the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) to implement race-based school discipline this year? If you haven’t heard about it read our previous article. Click Here.

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne has denounced the affirmative action discipline policy and wants the state legislature to outlaw it. Tom Horne also blasted TUSD for dismantling school libraries and music programs, but increasing funding for “Mexican/American Racial Studies.” TUSD officials, who also fired hundreds of teachers last spring only to conduct non-white only hiring over the summer, are defending their actions.

From Arizona Star

State schools chief Tom Horne blasted a new Tucson Unified School District discipline policy on Wednesday and said he plans to ask lawmakers to outlaw any consideration of race in assigning student punishment.

Horne held a press conference in Tucson to announce his plans to tack the measure onto a bill to ban the district’s ethnic-studies programs, which he accuses of promoting “ethnic chauvinism.” The bill failed to gain traction in two legislative sessions, but Horne said he will ask that it be considered again.

Well, it looks like violence is totally out of control and the school year just started.

According to the Arizona Daily Star

Girls grabbed in the crotch by boys who say it’s “no big deal.”
Teachers hit or held down by students trying to avoid discipline.
Behaviors that would be unthinkable just a generation ago are happening across Tucson schools.
An Arizona Daily Star analysis of school crime across local school districts showed hundreds of incidents in the past school year of assault, sexual harassment, racial comments and profanity. While only a few of the incidents involved violent crimes, the majority add up to a systematic lack of respect for other students and teachers.

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