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Untold victim from SAME Belleville school bus.

kristen_phillipsThe staff at tracked down another victim of a brutal beating by blacks on the SAME SCHOOL BUS. KMOV & the other St. Louis media lied! They told you that the brutal racially motivated attack was an aberration. Then the exact same thing happened to another white victim on a school bus in nearby Hazelwood two days later! Now we are finding out about other white victims that the media never reported on and the schools swept under the rug.

Recently the St. Louis Post-Dispatch printed this tiny blurb…

“I hate riding the bus,” said senior Kristin Phillips, 18, who said she, too, has been attacked on a Belleville West high school bus. “Hate it. You see that video? It’s always like that.”

Kristen was attacked and badly beaten last March by both female and male black thugs. Kristen filed a police report, the cops never got involved. Since the public never knew about the attack, there was no public outrage to force law enforcement and school officials to do anything. The staff at contacted Kristin Phillips. She told us…

My incident was worse than what happened to Josh, but it was not aired on tv. The school also wouldn’t allow me or my mother to view the video which makes me mad!I was attacked as I was getting off the bus. I was jumped by a black female and like 5 or more black males. I fought back though the most trouble that the other kids got was like ten days oss [suspension]. I was [suspended] for 3 days! I don’t understand why I can’t see the video. I also called an attorney. They said i couldn’t press charges or anything because the school has an immunity against lawsuits. – Kristen Phillips.

As reported on before, many white students who get attacked by groups of blacks are in fact suspended themselves. Schools are so desperate to cover for the outrageous bad behavior of black thugs, that white victims are punished for being a victim! This is the kind of justice that women receive in 3rd world countries!