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14% of girls at all black Paul Robeson High in Chicago are moms or moms-to-be.

Update: We did some checking. The school is over 99% black and over 99% free or reduced cost lunches.

115 out of 800 female students at Chicago’s Paul Robeson High are either moms or currently pregnant. We were all told that by electing Obama, the rapid degeneration of the black community would reverse. Black crime rates and the percentage of unwed teen mothers has only gotten worse since Obama became president. Read Article.

High School is named after the 1952 winner of the Stalin Peace Prize. Click Here.

Paul Robeson, whom the school is named after, was a militant black communist. In the 30’s and 40’s he performed in the Soviet Union repeatedly. He was hosted by a group of 2,000 American communists who moved to the Soviet Union in the 30’s. These people were eventually killed by Stalin. Robeson continued to call Stalin “wise and good,” as his American friends were hauled away and killed. He even returned to the Soviet Union to perform after all his friends dead. Killed off in Stalin’s purge of foreign nationals.

Robeson own son Pauli lamented in his biography how his father turned his back on his own friends and watched them get killed off by Stalin.

The following is an audio of Paul Robeson singing the Soviet National Anthem in English.

[youtube LtU3vUOa2sw]