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Al Sharpton rushes to save reputation as Megan Williams admits hoax.

Al Sharpton is notorious for his role in the Tawana Brawley hoax. Brawley claimed she was abducted and gang raped by white men in NYC. Al Sharpton used the case to get national publicity. It turned out to be a hoax.

When Megan Williams claimed a similar story two years ago, Al Sharpton held a rally in Charleston, West Virginia on her behalf.

Sharpton has apparently learned from his mistakes. He took immediate action today to distance himself from Williams.

From New York Daily News…

Only this time, Sharpton wants cops to investigate whether Megan Williams “fabricated her story” and the convicted men sprung “if they are being held under false information and she misled authorities.”

Williams, 22, told cops in 2007 she escaped from a ramshackle trailer near Charleston, W.V., where she was held captive for a week – and where she was raped, tortured, and forced to eat her own feces.

Seven suspects pleaded guilty, and all but one are now serving long jail terms.

In a statement, Sharpton said he visited Williams after her horrific story broke and gave her some of his “personal money” after her supporters told him “she had no resources for Christmas.”

Sharpton said that when Williams’ lawyer notified him that she was changing her story, he immediately wrote to West Virginia prosecutors, asking them to “vindicate any wrongfully convicted individuals.”

Also, the New York Daily news has an online poll concerning Al Sharpton. 12% say he’s an important leader, while 76% have a negative view of him.

Did prosecutor prey on defendants to make a name for himself?

You had a black woman accusing a group of whites of kidnapping, raping, and torturing her. An unheard of crime, with the exception of previous high profile hoaxes.

You had a group of dirt poor defendants with criminal records who couldn’t afford lawyers. Some of them looked like they came out of the tv show “Cops” anyway. They were easy to vilify and intimidate.

You have a young prosecutor who became famous overnight. Now the obvious speculation has begun that Brian Abraham is another Nifong (ala the Duke rape hoax.). Did Abraham railroad a group of poor whites, some of whom were petty thugs to begin with, into accepting plea bargains to further his own career and fame?

Williams accused her white ex-boyfriend Bobby Ray Brewster of being the ringleader. Brewster had already been arrested for domestic violence once during their relationship. It was easy for the media and the prosecutor to portray him as guilty. Williams now says that she concocted the hoax to get revenge against Brewster for dumping her.

The only reason it took so long for this to be exposed as a hoax as compared to the Duke hoax is because of who was being accused. In the Duke hoax, you had college kids with strong backgrounds and wealthy parents. Their parents immediately hired competent legal counsel and fought back. Only the hoaxer had an unsavory background.

In this West Virginia hoax, the accused were poor with some unsavory backgrounds. Easy to intimidate. Easy to sway juries against. Forced to rely on public legal counsel.