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Bombshell: WV sex-torture "hate crime" of black woman was a HOAX!

Celebrated “hate crime victim” now says she made up the story to get revenge on white ex-boyfriend.

The case of Megan Williams, a black woman who said a group of whites kidnapped, gang raped, and tortured her for days, is a hoax. Williams has publicly admitted it was a lie. The story received MASSIVE international attention because actual white on black violent crime is so rare. Meanwhile, the tens of thousands of white people who are actually brutalized by black people every year goes unnoticed by the “mainstream media.”

Year after year, we have these sensational white on black gang rape stories that turn out to be hoaxes. Have any of them ever turned out to be a non-hoax?

While the media screamed about the case, professional black race hustlers held rallies in Williams’ honor. Claiming that the fake crime was proof of white “racism.” Seven white people where pressured into accepting plea bargains and sent to prison in the case. Williams now says that she made up the story to get back at one of the white men for dumping her.

From CBS National News…

The woman at the center of a torture case that raised questions of racism in West Virginia now says she lied about being a victim.

The Charleston Gazette reported that Megan Williams plans a Wednesday news conference in Columbus, Ohio, that she lied about the 2007 incident in which she said she was assaulted by a group of whites in Logan County.

“She has decided she has been living this lie for approximately two years and she has decided to tell the truth,” Williams’s attorney Byron Potts told the Gazette. “She fabricated the story and she did this in retaliation because she was having a relationship with one of them.”

Seven people were convicted in that case. National and local advocates wanted hate crimes charges filed, since Williams is black.