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Christian Science Monitor speaks out about black violence.

From Christian Science Moniter….

Growing youth violence in the United States will not be resolved until we find the moral courage to address the racial issues that underlie it.

During a Chicago school visit earlier this month to the site where a black honor student was beaten to death by a mob of black students, Attorney General Eric Holder stated that growing youth violence in America is not just “a black problem,” but a problem for all races. The trouble with this statement is that it is statistically untrue.

Youth violence may not be solely a black problem, but it is primarily a black problem.

Consider, by race, the contributing factors of prison incarceration and school suspension. Blacks are imprisoned and suspended three times more frequently than the rest of the US population, and as much as six times more frequently than their white, Asian, and Latino counterparts.

The question is not whether young blacks, particularly males, get involved in violent incidents more frequently than other races. The question is why.

White and black liberals blame this disparity on a racist society that misinterprets and discriminates against black culture.

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