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CofCC member publishes online book.

hoosierHoosier Nation is new online book. Currently available online. The book will be available for purchase from hulu in the near future.

The federal government is spiraling out of control. It’s amassing more debt than it can pay off, beholden to more special interest groups than it can buy off, and making more enemies than it can fend off. Leading experts are already predicting its demise and some of us are already preparing for that future.

Hoosier Nation explores the dangers and opportunities that lie ahead for Indiana. It celebrates our common heritage, makes a case for traditional values, and outlines some practical steps toward safety, sovereignty, and self-sufficiency. This book is not politics as usual and it’s anything but politically correct.

Matt Parrott explores the matters of history, heritage, race, culture, and society that are critical to our survival without hesitation and without apology. His passionate little book makes a case that can’t be ignored, a case that Indiana could and perhaps should become a sovereign and independent country.

Visit the Hoosier Nation website. Click Here.