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Florida Governor declares victory over notorious Haitian gang.

The gang Top 6, controlled a network of violent Haitian neighborhood gangs. They sold drugs and targeted Latino illegal aliens and others for robberies.

From Florida Sun-Sentinel…

The gang whose conflicts were responsible for at least 18 murders started out as a group of six disaffected high school kids.

Top 6 and some of its affiliates trace their origin to 1998 and a Lake Worth High School class for nonnative speakers of English. There, groups of mostly Haitian students formed little cliques for camaraderie and protection.

Members started out robbing migrant workers and burglarizing cars. At Palm Beach County nightclubs, Top 6 members rapped, got into brawls and shootouts with rival groups, and peddled marijuana, crack cocaine, Ecstasy and eventually prescription pills.

Under the umbrella name “Lake Worth Family,” Top 6 controlled gangs that included the San Castle Soldiers, 2nd Ave. Boys, G-Block, Front Street Boys, Fade Squad, C Terrace Possee and One Stop.