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Global Warming Myth Destroyed: Antartica has weakest melt season in 30 years.

Just weeks ago, the extreme left-wing cable news network MSNBC ran a completely fabricated article claiming ice melting in Antarctica was at an all time high. MSNBC made the completely fictional claim that Antarctic ice was in “runaway melt mode.” See Article.

The reality is the complete opposite. Antarctica has not seen any net loss in ice. It has been seeing a net loss on one side and a net gain on the other. The amount of ice on and around Antartica remains fairly constant, but it shifts from one area of the continent to another over the decades.

As you can see from the chart provided by NASA, the Antarctic summer melt season this year was the weakest ever since the study began 30 years ago.

Recently, politically motivated “scientists” at NASA claimed that “global warming” was melting the world’s ice. Independent researches pointed out that NASA’s own research debunked their claims.

These same “scientists” then concluded that Antarctica was experiencing “global cooling” due to the depletion of the ozone layer. Read More.

Vaclav Klaus, the former Prime Minister and current President of Czech Republic published “Blue Earth.” His book debunks the politically motivated “global warming hoax.” Klaus says that “global warming” is just another scheme to bring about about socialism.

No major promoter of Global Warming will debate Klaus. The maverick leader has repeated challenged Al Gore to public debates on the issue. Gore refuses.