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Interracial gang responsible for horrific fire attack in Deerfield Beach

imagesUpdate: Mugshots of four of the perps. Click Here.

Photo Right: Religion of Macho documents the world wide rise of crime coinciding with the glorification of black “ghetto culture” by Hollywood.

The 15 year old boy who was nearly burned to death was attacked by an interracial group (2 white & 3 black). Historically interracial groups attacks are the rarest of all crime dynamics. However they appear to be coming more frequent. Many blame the glorification of black “ghetto culture” by Hollywood and the music industry. An industry that inspires low class whites and Hispanics to emulate the criminal behavior of inner city blacks. Numerous international polls show that American media, not US led wars, is the leading reason for anti-American sentiment around the world.

In fact, one can trace a dramatic world wide rise in crime during the mid 1960’s when the glorification of black ghetto culture became mainstream entertainment.

Here is a photo of three of the perps, as well as the hands of a fourth. At right is Matthew Bent(15), named as the ringleader. On the edge of the screen you can see Steven Shelton(15) who is also black. In front are Jeremy Jarvis(13) and his older brother Denver Colorado Jarvis(15). Both are white. Notice the “ghetto” name “Denver Colorado.” Most people would have automatically assumed that Denver Colorado Jarvis was black if all they saw was his name. You can bet his parents are low class “white trash,” who listen to “gangster rap.”

A fifth perpetrator, not pictured, is Jesus Medndez. His mug shot can be seen here. He is black. According to police, he ignited the victim.