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Italian PM denounces multi-culturalism!

The Italian PM is one of the most vilified world leaders in the “mainstream media.” But Silvio wears their hatred as a badge of honor.

Silvio Berlusconi has united a large swath of Italian political parties and rules in a coalition with the right-wing secessionist League of the North. Berlusconi’s “People of Freedom” party won 29 of Italy’s 72 seats in the 2009 EU election. The League of the North won 9, while 13 seats went to centrist parties. Of the top four EU countries, Italy’s delegation is dramatically more conservative than Britain, France, or Germany.

From British Source.

Premier Silvio Berlusconi on Friday defended a remark he made that Milan ”seemed like an African city” because of the number of foreigners in the streets.

”I took a photograph of reality by referring to a walk through a central street in Milan where I saw 60% of people were foreigners and 40% were Italian,” Berlusconi said.

”I asked myself if this is the Italy of the future that Italians want: the answer is no”.

The premier first made the comment as he highlighted the government’s crack-down on illegal immigration on Thursday evening ahead of this weekend’s European Parliament elections.

He said he ”could not accept” that Italian cities, including Milan, seem African rather than European.

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