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Italian PM: Illegal alien boat landings have fallen 90%

According to the Italian PM the arrival of new illegal aliens has dropped 90% since the beginning of a new Italian-Libyan cooperation plan last May.

From Chinese News Source (The European media is not even reporting this)…

Landings of illegal immigrants in Italy were reduced by 90 percent in the last five months, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said on Friday.

“In 2008 there were 19,000 arrivals, whereas in 2009 the number has so far dropped to 1,900 and this is clearly a very positive result,” Berlusconi said.

According to local media, Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni explained that “since May 5, when the Italy-Libya agreement was implemented to tackle illegal sea immigration, there has been a drop of 90 percent in landings on Italian coasts.”

“It is proof that the agreement with Libya works, it’s a success for diplomacy and of the relationship between our police and that of the Maghreb,” Maroni added.

The Italy-Libya agreement in the field of illegal immigration is part of the Treaty on Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation signed in 2008 which launched an all-field strategic partnership between the two countries.

According to the treaty, the Italian government allocated funds for joint patrolling of Libyan sea borders on boats provided by Italy and for technological device controls of the Southern Libyan frontier.

Italy’s center-right government has made the fight against illegal immigration one of its top priorities and has introduced some controversial measures such as the deportation of migrants intercepted in international waters.

Italy, as most Mediterranean countries, suffers the migratory pressure along its frontiers and has repeatedly urged a European burden-sharing approach to illegal refugees.

Meanwhile the “mainstream media” in America & Europe is running hundreds of anti-Berlusconi hit pieces every day.