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Leftist Harry Connick Jr. Whines about Blackface Skit. News Team.

Bleeding-heart leftist Harry Connick Jr. doesn’t want to offend blacks, but never complains about all the offensive anti-white shows on TV today that make white people look like idiots.  How ironic that we have Freedom of Speech here in the U.S. yet we can’t get funny stuff like this Australian skit  from the mainstream U.S. entertainment business unless the show is about dumb Rednecks.

Maybe Harry Connick Jr. suffers from a racial inferiority complex because his wife, Jill (Goodacre), was once romantically linked to a black tennis player.  Nothing funny about that!


Hey Hey It’s Saturday went into unexpected damage control after a blackface skit brought condemnation and forced an on-air apology by the show’s host Daryl Somers. US crooner Harry Connick Jr, who made a guest appearance on the Nine Network show, took offence to the skit and forced an apology during Hey Hey’s second reunion special last night.

During the show’s Red Faces talent segment, five men were covered in black face paint and black wigs and re-enacted their skit Jackson Jive, which appeared years ago when Hey Hey was originally on air. The Michael Jackson character this time had his face painted white.

Connick Jr was one of the judges of the segment and took offence to the act, giving it a score of zero.”If they turned up looking like that in the United States, it would be like ‘hey, hey, there’s no more show’,” he said. A backstage source said that after the segment Connick Jr expressed his disgust and negotiated an on-air apology at the end of the live broadcast between him and Somers.

Connick Jr responded, saying he would not have participated if he know beforehand about the Jackson Jive skit. During last night’s Red Faces segment, Somers said the contestants had appeared on the show 20 years ago with the same act. The group, who were medical students at the time, had won the segment.

Others on Twitter disagreed with Connick’s stance. “And the award for the PC gone mad, douche of the day award goes to…Harry Connick Jr.” “So Harry Connick has gone down a peg in my estimation” said another.

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