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Lou Dobbs launches bold petition drive.

Lou Dobbs has launched a petition drive to “bring home the troops.” However, what makes Lou Dobb’s petition different than any other “bring home the troops” petition, is it’s mention of our troops in Europe and Asia.


For the sake of our men and women in uniform who deserve far better leadership than they are receiving from their general staff, please bring them home. It is time to call a halt to the nonsense, bring home our troops, and not just from Iraq and Afghanistan, but the 60,000 troops in Germany, 37,000 in South Korea, 10,000 in Japan, 10,000 troops in Italy.

Bring all of our troops home, and leave only a modest presence wherever it might be proven absolutely necessary, but bring home our troops. And let our allies carry their own share of the burden, put their military forward against whatever enemy is perceived, potential or existent, and let’s work as mature responsible partners in these alliances, rather than the United States as some sort of senior partner, some sort of big brother who carries most of the burden, nearly all of the financial sacrifice, and in Iraq and Afghanistan, the overwhelming sacrifice of blood from the brave men and women who serve this nation in uniform.

It is time, Mr. President, this is your opportunity, this is the nation’s opportunity, and it’s your responsibility as Commander-in-Chief. I hope you’ll consider it seriously, and I hope each and everyone in Independent America will think about this call for reason. I don¹t believe there is a more urgent issue today.