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Megan Williams lawyer fingers leader of violent NOI splinter group in torture/rape hoax.

An attorney for Megan Williams says he wants to see all the defendants released from prison and says that Williams was coerced into fabricating the entire story.

Prosecutor Abraham says that Williams’ recantation can not be trusted because she is “mentally slow,” and prone to make things up. Obviously Abraham’s comments are contradictory.

Williams’ lawyer Potts, says that she was coerced by her late mother and the notorious leader of The New Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz. Williams’ mother had been feuding with the families of the defendants and wanted revenge. Williams wanted revenge against her abusive boyfriend who dumped her, Bobby Brewster. Malik Shabazz just plain hates white people and wanted to stay in the spotlight by making incendiary racial comments. Click Here for Source.

Now that Williams’ mother has passed away, she says she wants to come clean and see all the defendants released from prison.

The following video is New Black Panther Party founder and former Nation of Islam national youth leader Khallid Muhammed. He died of a brain aneurysm in 2001. Al Sharpton, who was close friends, donated $10,000 for his funeral. This video was recorded in 1996 at a Nation of Islam mosque in Los Angeles.

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