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Nurse killed, two others seriously wounded in racially motivated attack.

STG63932Photo Right: Gina Stallis, the latest fatality in the nationwide epidemic of brutal black on white attacks.

A nurse was killed, and a policewoman and firefighter were both seriously injured in a brutal home invasion by four blacks thugs. Two males, 22 and 16, and two females. The 22 year old male leader had recent felony convictions, but had been coddled and put back on the streets with no prison time.

The local St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a history of hiding the truth when it comes to race and crime. After the racially motivated Belleville bus attack, they disabled online comments to the story and accused their own readers of being racists. The left-wing censors must have been asleep when this story went to print.

The radical left-wing St. Louis Post-Dispatch actually printed this startling admission…

Rose Whitrock was able to sneak out a kitchen door outside to run for help from her neighbors.

“No one would come out to help her,” Whitrock said. “Finally, I think one lady came to the door but wouldn’t let her use the phone. At that point, Rose heard sirens. Police were on their way. When Rose got back in the house, she found her daughter bleeding to death.”

Whitrock says he thinks he knows why the family was targeted. “They have a very nice home and I think they are one of the only white families on that block,” he said.

Whitrock said there had been other problems with criminals at the Hickory Street family home. He said his brother, Stallis’ father, had parked a brand-new car out front a few years ago and someone lit a rag that had been put into the gas tank to try to blow it up. Stallis’ father died about two years ago.

Whitrock said his family is shaken by Monday’s deadly attack.

“It’s pretty bad when you aren’t safe in your own home,” Whitrock said. “Then you have these two animals — with no regard for human life and no ambition to go out and earn an honest living like Rose’s kids did — come in and take it all from you.”