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Obama administration orders halt to immigration enforcement in Arizona county.

Militant pro-illegal alien advocacy groups aided by the ACLU have been filing lawsuits against Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. They claim that arresting illegal aliens is “racial profiling.”

Arpaio is a hero in Arizona, but one of the most hated sheriff’s in the country to the left-wing media and Hispanic race hustlers.

ICE has canceled Arpaio’s authority to arrest illegal aliens under section 287(g). 160 Maricopa County deputies had been authorized to arrest illegals under section 287(g).

The county led the nation in enforcing immigration law.

The Obama administration is quietly making sure that we have de facto amnesty by making it impossible for anyone to enforce immigration law. Obama also quietly moved almost 400 border patrol agents to the Canadian border to weaken enforcement along Mexico where most of the illegals cross.