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Pan-European Nationalist Alliance Formed

A group of European political parties announced the formation of a new pan-European Nationalist. It is called the “Alliance of European Nationalist Movements(AENM),” and is based on a declaration of common goals authored by British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin.

Representatives of five parties attended an inaugural meeting and signed Nick Griffin’s nine point declaration. These include the Hungarian Jobbik, the French Front National, the Wallonian Front National, the Italian Fiamma Tricolore, and Sweden’s National Democrats. The BNP delegation could not attend because they were conducting media interviews in Britain over the BBC Question Time episode. The meeting took place in Hungary.

The BNP, the Austrian Freedom Party(FPO), and fledgling nationalist parties in Portugal and Spain are expected to officially join in the near future. The BNP, Jobbik, and the FPO all have representation in the European Union, but their delegates remain unattached to any grouping.

Meanwhile, the largest Commemoration of the October 23rd, 1956 anti-Communist uprising in Hungary this year, was held by Jobbik in Budapest. Jobbik took 15% of the Hungarian vote in EU elections last June. The increasingly conservative center right Fidesz won 57% of the Hungarian vote. A Euroskeptic Conservative-Libertarian party also won 5%. The Hungarian left-wing Socialist Party took only 17% of the vote. This gives Hungary the most right-wing delegation in the EU.