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UK Guardian says Malcolm X was once a gay male prostitute.

A new column in the UK Guardian seeks to make Malcolm X, not just an icon of black Muslims, but also an icon of gay blacks.

Citing a well known biography on Malcolm X, the column says that the famous agitator had many homosexual relations and even sold himself as a gay male prostitute at one point in his life.

The author of the biography is Alex Haley, whom Malcolm X allegedly personally commissioned to write the biography.

Haley is famous for writing Roots, which was largely plagiarized from another book. Despite being sued for plagiarism and ordered to pay a large settlement in Federal court, Haley is praised by white liberals for writing Roots. Haley also claimed that Roots was a true story and that several characters were his ancestors. This too was proven to be completely false. In the books portrayal of the trans-Atlantic slave trade was a complete fabrication meant to vilify white people. Nevertheless, ABC made the plagiarized book into a mini-series and other left-wing outfits heaped awards on the mini-series to promote it.

From UK Guardian…

He documents Malcolm’s many same-sex relations and his activities as a male sex worker, which spanned at least a 10-year period, from his mid-teens to his 20s, as I described in some detail in a previous article for the Guardian. Although Malcolm later married and, as far as we know, abandoned sex with men, his earlier same-sex relations suggest that he was bisexual rather than heterosexual. Abstaining from gay sex after his marriage does not change the fundamentals of his sexual orientation and does not mean that he was wholly straight.

Towards the end of his life, Malcolm’s ideas were evolving in new directions. Politically, he gravitated leftwards. Faith-wise, after his trip to Mecca, he began to embrace a non-racial mainstream Islam. His mind was becoming open to new ideas and values.

Had he not been murdered in 1965, Malcolm might have eventually, like Huey Newton of the Black Panthers and the black power leader Angela Davis, embraced the lesbian and gay liberation movement as part of the struggle for human emancipation. Instead, to serve their homophobic political agenda, for over half a century the Nation of Islam and many black nationalists have suppressed knowledge of Malcolm’s same-sex relations. It is now time for Black History Month to speak the truth. Malcolm X was bisexual. Get over it.