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Canadian Jewish activist warns of anti-Jewish backlash over ADL/CJC sponsorship of "hate laws."


The ADL hailed the passage of the unconstitutional “Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which according to the ADL, “provide for expanded federal involvement in investigating and prosecuting hate violence in America.” The bill is unconstitutional because it violates the 10th Amendment by granting the Federal Government authority over local and state government in prosecuting hate crimes. It violates the 14th Amendment by granting certain groups special protected status, as well the double jeopardy clause of the 5th amendment. This Bill does not provide equal protection to all Americans, instead it grants special rights to certain groups while making the rest of us 2nd class citizens.

At the Bill Signing Ceremony ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman said, “the passage of this important, comprehensive and inclusive federal hate crimes law was long overdue.” Foxman added, “for 12 long years we have worked hard with coalition partners to build the case in Washington that this law was not just necessary, but vital to ensure that all victims of hate crimes would be covered, and that local and federal officials would have the tools they need to prosecute these horrific crimes to the fullest extent of the law. The passage of this bill is a monumental achievement, and a great day for America.”

In Canada where there are laws against hate speech, Jewish Free Speech activist Ezra Levant is concerned that the role major Jewish organizations have played in lobbying for hate speech will end up doing the exact opposite of the what these organizations claim to be fighting. “The federal anti-hate law that “official Jews” lobbied for and got passed has, 32 years later, backfired, sowing the seeds for political correctness, media chill and censorship that have undermined the values that define the Jewish People”, says Alberta lawyer, author and activist Ezra Levant.

Self Proclaimed Jewish Organizations primarily the Canadian Jewish Congress have been at the forefront for lobbying for restrictions against Free Speech. Canada has an Orwellian thought crimes enforcement Agency called the “Human Rights Tribunal .”

In September a human rights tribunal ruled that a section of the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) that imposes criminal penalties for speech was unconstitutional. The Canadian Jewish Congress, along with B’nai Brith Canada and Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center ­called for an appeal. CEO of the CJC Bernie Farber said “what the decision has done is confuse everybody.”

Levant said “Jewish organizations continue to push for appeals, in effect calling for the censorship of expression. Jews are coming across “as whiners who want to shut you down, not debate you. Is this the image we want to project to 33 million Canadians, that we’re thin-skinned whiners? If you wanted to create a perfect caricature of a villainous Jew for anti-Semites to point to, you couldn’t do better than Burny and the CJC. They despise our freedom of speech. They demand censorship of their political opponents. They disparage any jurist who disagrees with them. And they do all this in the name of “the Jews.

Levant added, “if I weren’t a Jew, I’m afraid Burny would turn me into an anti-Semite. Nobody likes a bully telling you he wants to take away your freedom. And that bully says he speaks for all Jews. If Burny didn’t exist, Stormfront would have to make him up. Burny’s job is to make Jews less hated, not more hated. He’s making Jews more hated.”