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Democrats crushed in 2009 election. Obama approval rating falls even more.

Democrats were in for a rude awakening as a Republican won the governor’s race by a strong margin in the Democrat stronghold state.

The vote was 49% Christie, 45% Corzine, and 6% Daggett. Democrats sunk to a new low, actually paying for robocalls urging conservatives to vote for 3rd party candidate Daggett instead of Corzine. Democrat officials initially lied about funding the calls, but later confessed after the evidence piled up.

In Virginia McDonnell won 59% to 41%.

The results foretell a major backlash against the Democrats in the 2010 midterm election.

Today Rasmussen reported that the number of Americans who “strongly disapprove” of Obama is at 41%, while those who “strongly approve” has fallen to only 28%.

Rasmussen puts Obama’s overall approval rate at 48%. Faith in America’s handling of the war on terror has dropped from 62% to 34% since Obama took over. Largely because Obama failed to deliver any of his campaign promises on troop withdrawal. Instead he has been sending more troops and expanding the war to include bombing campaigns inside of Pakistan.

Zogby last reported Obama’s approval rating at 49% on October 20th.