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Did Lou Dobbs kiss up to Telemundo?

Lou Dobbs became one of America’s most popular pundits by railing against illegal immigrations. Now that he is believed to be pursuing a political career, is he backtracking on illegal immigration?

Dobbs was interviewed for the Spanish language network Telemundo, where he tended to sound a lot like neo-cons John McCain or Lindsey Graham. however says not to worry.


As for the interpretation widely circulating throughout the internet that Dobbs now favors amnesty, that would be the most extreme conclusion any viewer could come to.

Dobbs said, without elaborating on his remark, that under certain circumstances he would favor amnesty. My interpretation: Dobbs means that if the border were successfully secured, he might support amnesty, depending on how the legislation were written.

That is what Dobbs has been saying for years: there can’t be meaningful “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” without secure borders.

I do admit that Dobbs was foolishly apologetic about not speaking Spanish. But he’s been soft on the language issue before.

So don’t ruin your Thanksgiving weekend by worrying about what Dobbs says or whether he’s changed his mind. Remember my recent advice: Accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative!

Simply by reporting the facts, Dobbs’ served the cause of patriotic immigration reform well, if not ideally, for many years.

But he was never as tough or as radical as his opponents claimed. And now he’s passed his peak. In future, he won’t be any more influential than, say, La Raza’s Janet Murguia. Specifically, I don’t believe he’s going to run for office—or bother to find a new TV perch. The real story: the Treason Lobby’s ululations about Lou Dobbs’ recent departure from CNN proves how desperate they are.

Consider the entirety of the Dobbs saga: A gang of ethnic identity pressure groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (known to VDARE.COM as the $PLC), the National Council of La Raza and LULAC joined forces with another dozen or so groups of immigration lawyers. Their aggregate bankroll is somewhere in the range of $500 million.

Then, the immigration anarchists approached another liberal organization, CNN, which is a prominent part of the Main Stream Media, yet which is really just one more left-wing sub-group.

Finally—“after years”, to use the exact words spoken by La Raza’s chief comrade Janet Murguia—they succeeded in browbeating CNN into giving Dobbs an ultimatum: to tone down his illegal immigration criticism or to leave.

Dobbs took his $8 million and left.

This is what the other side describes as a victory?

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