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Family of five slaughtered in Arkansas.

America gripped by epidemic of black on white violence.


Sheriff’s deputies have identified three suspects, including one shot to death by police, in the murders of five people in Pearcy.

Garland County sheriff’s Lt. James Martin says police shot and killed 22-year-old Marvin Stringer at a motel Thursday night in Hot Springs. Martin said Friday that police have two other suspects in custody, 23-year-old Samuel Conway and 23-year-old Jeremy Pickney. All are from Conway.

Conway and Pickney face charges of capital murder, aggravated residential burglary and arson in the Nov. 12 deaths of five people at Pearcy. Karen Gentry says all five victims have been identified, four by dental records since their home was burned. They are her father Edward Gentry, her brother, Edward Gentry Jr.; his wife, Pam; their son, Jeremy, and his friend Kristyn Warneke. Her grandfather, Edward Gentry Sr., was found in a mobile home on the same property.

Deputy Jason Lawrence was shot in the arm, and is in stable but serious condition. Deputy Felix Hunter was injured and treated for a medical condition, but released and at home recovering.