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Latvia's "Iron Lady" denounces the EU over "Soviet style practices."

Latvia’s two time president Vaira Vike-Freiberga, known as the “Iron Lady,” denounced the EU secrecy which she compared to the former Soviet Union. She said the EU operates in “darkness behind closed doors.” She called the new EU presidential election process “Kremlinology.” Vike-Freiberga was Latvia’s first post-liberation president.

Vike-Freiberga is famous for running a Latvian administration known for transparency and accessibility. The former Latvian president is campaigning to become first president of the EU, but is seen as a long shot behind Tony Blair and others. The first ever EU president will be select internally, not by a public vote. Critics say the EU is rapidly morphing into a totalitarian European wide government.

Said one EU member from the British Conservative party, “She was Latvian president twice, with very high approval ratings. She apparently liked to meet her constituents in person (eyebrows go up in Brussels). She is outspoken on moral values and democracy (eyebrows in Brussels go even higher, accompanied by frowning). Like every female top politician abroad since The Original she has been called The (Latvian) Iron Lady. Of her views little is said though The Daily Telegraph reports that she is seen as centre right.”

Vike-Freiberga’s largest base of support so far are female EU members who say a female President would encourage more women to get involved with politics.