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Lou Dobbs quits CNN.


Lou Dobbs, the outspoken CNN presenter who has been with the US cable news broadcaster since it launched in 1980, resigned yesterday in a surprise move. Dobbs, 64, who started as chief economics correspondent at CNN when Ted Turner launched the network in 1980, yesterday told viewers of his 7pm show, Lou Dobbs Tonight, that he was resigning immediately. CNN, part of the Time Warner media conglomerate, said that it would name a replacement for Dobbs later today.

The long-serving CNN anchor has become an increasingly controversial figure in the eyes of the broadcaster’s largely liberal audience, with outspoken comments about illegal immigration. Earlier this year Dobbs also weighed in to the debate about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, urging the president to do more than prove he was born in Hawaii – lending credence to unsubstantiated claims by the so-called “birthers.

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