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MN Somali immigrants video tape themselves committing violent racially motivated rampage against white people.

Eight Somali teenagers videotaped themselves randomly attacking lone white pedestrians and bicyclists. Two have been arrested. The thugs posted videos of the attacks on youtube. They highlight the nationwide epidemic of brutal black on white violence gripping America.

From Minneapolis-St. Paul Sta Tribune (Notice how this left-wing paper makes no mention of race) …

St. Paul police have arrested an adult and a juvenile in connection with a series of random attacks in Minneapolis and St. Paul that were recorded on video and posted on YouTube.

A 19-year-old was booked into the Ramsey County jail, and a 17-year-old was taken to a juvenile detention center. Both were booked Tuesday on suspicion of strong-arm robbery and aggravated assault, according to St. Paul police reports.

St. Paul Police Sgt. Paul Schnell said police were searching for two others who were recorded on camera participating in the assaults, while the remaining others — at least four — would be considered persons of interest.

“From what we have seen in the footage, there were only four people that we can connect with possible criminal activity in the city of St. Paul that were clearly and directly involved in the planning and/or execution of these attacks,” Schnell said.

He said that a handful of victims have come forward, and about four reports were filed as of late Wednesday afternoon. One victim told police he was tackled from behind by an unknown male at 6 p.m. Saturday while walking east on Grand Avenue near Avon Street in St. Paul. “Assault was probably posted on YouTube,” the police report said.

The investigation and arrests followed the Monday posting of a YouTube video featuring eight young males terrorizing bicyclists and pedestrians — including children and older people — in what appeared to be Minneapolis and St. Paul.