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Neo-con Huckabee commuted sentence of quadruple cop killer.

This is the second time a ruthless monster set free by former Governor Huckabee committed multiple homocides.

In 1999 Huckabee commuted the sentence of a violent rapist who then raped and murdered two women after his release.

The thug who is suspected of killing four uniformed cops in a shooting spree is a hard core career criminal that was babied by the system and allowed to commit a series of worse and worse crimes.

At the top of the list of scoundrels who babied this violent thug is former Neo-con Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee. While Governor, Huckabee commuted a 95 year prison sentence handed down to the suspect in 2000. While Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee made Arkansas the worst state in the south for homeschoolers, welcomed illegal aliens, and coddled violent thugs.

Then Huckabee re-invented himself as a “conservative” for the 2008 Republican presidential primary. Many have speculated that Huckabee will run again and his contribution to the murder of four Washington state police officers will likely be used as a rallying cry against him.

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