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New media lie: Black serial killers only kill other black people.

According to the DOJ, between 1976 and 2005 blacks committed 59% of all felony murders in the United States. Blacks were three times more likely to commit murder than Latinos, nine times more likely than whites, and ten times more likely than Asians.

Not only are blacks nine time more likely to be murderers than white people, black men are about two and a half times as likely to be a serial killer than white men.

In order to combat this information, the media ignores it and for years constantly reported that “all serial killers are white.” The number of black serial killers keeps piling up, and with the body count of a black serial killer in Cleveland piling up, it is very hard for the media to continue perpetuating this absurd lie. A new fabrication being repeated on the mainstream media now is “black serial killers only kill other black people.” Once again this is blatantly false.

Several of the most notorious and prolific serial killers in US history.

Coral Watts, probably the worst US serial killer on the 20th century. He was convicted of killing 13 women, twelve of them white. However it is believed by law enforcement that he killed many more. Estimates of the true body count range into several dozen. All of his known victims were young and beautiful. One was only 14.

Matthew Macon. This black serial killer raped and murdered five women in Lansing, Michigan. All of his victims were white.

DC Snipers. A former bodyguard for Louis Farrakhan with an underage homosexual illegal alien boyfriend “sniped” eleven people in Washington DC. Nine died. The victims were a mix of different races.

Worst group serial killings in US history have been blacks.

Zebra Killing. The worst group serial killings in the US of 20th century. Members of a Nation of Islam splinter group called the “Black Angels of Death” began murdering white people. Four were sentenced to prison for 16 murders and 10 attempted murders. However, San Fransisco law enforcement believes that the true death toll is 72 or higher.

Nat Turner Killing. The worst group serial/spree killings in the US of the 19th century. A group of blacks led by a man claiming to speak to God went on a rampage. They killed 55 white men, women and children using garden tools to hack the victims. Today, black newspaper, and militant black organizations openly regard Nat Turner as a “black hero.”